Saturday, 30 July 2011

Grateful for Growing Up

growing up strong
I've read somewhere in my eight years of parenting that there are magical ages in the growing up spectrum. Eight is one of them. And on the eve of my eldest turning this magical age I can reflect on just how much Junior has grown. They say eight is the age where children learn empathy and understand compassion. I believe this to be true, I have watched my boy grow into a loving and energetic boy who has sensitive, contemplative moments.

The second magic age is four. And my second boy will be turning this magical age in November. And whilst he is not quite there yet, I am seeing glimpses of compliance and cooperation amongst his desire to assert his will 24 - 7.

With both my boys being out of baby and toddler hood, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for this new phase of our life in living and learning and growing together as children. 

Strangely, I also feel that I have somewhat grown up this week too. A certain sense of clarity and direction and purpose has poured out of me. 

This week I am grateful for growing up - individually and together as a family.

Happy Days

This is the first grateful linky post for Nurture the Little People. Pop on over to Maxabella Loves and see what others are grateful for this week!


Leanne said...

How lovely. It is so nice to see little ones grow up, getting glimpses of who they will become. My boys are a bit older than yours (16, 14 & 11) and I love seeing them becoming young men.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday in your household & celebrating the anniversary of you becoming a mummy!! My children are older too, but i remember those stages & milestones too. Turning 8 also means they understand death, which always rang in my ears as i lost my MIL to breast cancer when i was pregnant with my first 13 years ago, but i think she's always understood about death anyway. Good luck with your boy turning 4, did you know they have the same level of testosterone as a 20y.o. male at aged 4, yes, REALLY, good luck. After 3 daughters i had no idea what i was in for when my son turned 4, he was beautiful at preschool then a tornado at home, letting it all out. Love Posie - your newest follower, welcome to Blogland

Ruby Star said...

Oh Nicola, Happy Birthday to Mr. 8! looks like we will both be celebrating tomorrow :) I agree that 4 & 8 are lovely ages where they change so much in maturity. I love watching & helping them gain their independence, it has to be the best 'job' on earth. Have fun tomorrow and give your self a pat on the back too for getting to this point. x

Seana Smith said...

Hello via Weekend Grateful, I have three boys and I think you are absolutely spot on. 8 is especially a lovely age.

Maxabella said...

What a lovely introduction to you and your blog, Nicola. I look forward to my oldest turning 8 next year while my youngest turns 4... and my darling middling turns whatever ages she likes as they are all good years for her it seems. Regardless, it sounds like I'm in for a good 2012 (if I can just get through 2011, of course!) x

ally said...

Hello - I'm enjoying your blogging style
We have had a lovely 8 (drawing to a close) but she has truly been lovely at every stage.
6 and 2 are proving more challenging and after Posie's comment I'm truly scared of my little man getting to 4 :-)

Nurture the Little People said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments. We are enjoying a truly lovely age eight 8. And both boys were extremely helpful and cooperated together in the making of 48 cup cakes yesterday!

Felicity said...

From the perspective of an educator these truly are magical ages to be cherished and it's lovely to read of your awareness.

I wonder if there is something special about the number 4, as I'm feeling a lot more grown up myself now that there's a 4 in my own age.....but I do hope that by the time there's an 8 attached that I can still be in touch with my own 'child within'.

Happy day!

xx Felicity