About Me

riding my bike, just one of the many ways I nurture me

Hi there, and thanks for checking out Nurture the Little People.

I am a mother of two boys aged 8 (Junior Hoges) and 4 (Mini Hoges). I work part time and have a loving husband (Hoges). I decided to start this blog as a way of sharing a little bit about my philosophy on life and parenting.

I have a background in Massage Therapy and natural therapies. I have also worked in the hospitality industry for many years and there fore have a great love of food, wine and people.

In the past year or two I have finally found my groove in parenting and have come to realise that there is a fine balance between nurturing oneself to enable you to nurture your family and live a happy and fulfilling life.

I am passionate about many things. I like to write and blog, I love baking, cooking and crafting. I love riding my bike, yoga and going on nature walks. I like to grow fruit and veg. I love vintage fashion. I have just discovered my knack at creating brooches out of felt and finger knitting. And creating on Pinterest. I really like Lego too! I love to spend time with my family, exploring life together as we grow.

You can also read my writing at Alice Becomes.
And I have also written for We Heart Life, on the topic of Life Balance.
I also write wine reviews regularly for my local rag as part of the Must Wine Gang.

Happy Days,