Saturday, 3 September 2011

Grateful for Ranger John and Hoges and Junior

Yesterday Junior discovered two baby ducklings stuck in our drain. They were at least two meters down, shivering and crying out. It really tugged at the heart strings. We didn't know how to get them out. A few phone calls to the Shire Ranger, the Wildlife and Animal Rescue Shelter and finally the local CALM officer (Ranger John), meant we knew the ducklings would be rescued, just in time as more storms and rain were headed our way....the ducklings would not survive the night.

two little ducklings, trapped, two meters down our storm water drain
it took ages to remove the grill cover, but Hoges and Ranger John got the cover up and the ladder down
Rescued! The two little ducklings, shivering, placed in a box and taken to the Wildlife Animal Shelter for nurturing
So this week, I am grateful for Ranger John for coming to the rescue, for Hoges for helping him out and for Junior for discovering the little ducklings.

What are your grateful for this week? The Beetle Shack is hosting Maxabella Loves Grateful Linky this week, so pop on over and spread the Grateful Love!

Be Happy, 


Naturally Carol said...

Hi warmed my heart to read of the little ducklings being saved..a little kindness goes a long way..have a great weekend!

Felicity said...

Big relief - so glad it was a truly happy ending.

Happy weekend Lovely!
xx Felicity