Friday, 2 September 2011

Just Jack - a book review

essential reading for all pre kindy kids!

We have a great love of books in our house, I've posted about it here and here. One of our favourites is a book by Jane Tanner, Just Jack.

Just Jack, beautiful illustrations
Jack is a young boy who is about to embark on his early childhood education journey. His first day of kindy he is Super Jack, wearing his super hero costume. The costume gives Jack the confidence to go to kindy, make friends and be funny, but when Mum says Jack has to wash it, Jack refuses. Jack wears the costume all week. It gets filthier and filthier until Mum has had enough and washes it. Jack is sad when he can't wear the costume the next day. But he goes to school anyway and is loved by his friends.

This story is fantastic for those about to enter the schooling world. Not only does it have beautiful illustrations that make you feel the book, it drives home the message that you are ok just being you, you don't need to be anything else, just be true to yourself.

We had this book for my first born just before he started kinder and it really helped him transition from home to school. He is now eight and enjoys sharing this book with his younger brother who will start kindy next year.

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House of Prowse said...

Thanks for linking up Nicola!
We have a book by Jane Tanner called "Playmates" about a boy who gets a dog and then his teddy is left out. I love her illustrations and big text.
She is very talented!