Thursday, 4 August 2011

Favourite Reads

Here at Hogan Central, we love books. I mean we REALLY LOVE books! I didn't realise just how much we love books until this week when I boxed up 38 large boxes of books to relocate to our new house on the weekend. That is a lot of books, and a lot of reading.
I asked the children to choose three of their favourite books to keep out and we'd read those over the week. Here is their selection:

Mini Hoges' top three reads:
the quiet book

the potato people
just jack
Junior Hoges' top three reads:
I think, I am
disgusting dave
world without fish

For myself, I often find I have two or three books on the go at once. I am currently reading "Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose" by Sonia Choquette, "What Alice Forgot" by Lianne Moriarty and "The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul" by Deborah Rodriguez. Hoges is enjoying "How to Make Gravy" by Paul Kelly and "Breaking the Sheep's Back" by Charles Massy.

What does your family love to read?

Happy Days, 


Alice Becomes said...

M2 is loving Guess How Much I Love You. M1's current faves are The Gruffalo and The Enchanted Wood - we are reading a chapter a night on the last one. I'm reading Boy by Roald Dahl and MM has just finished Dirt Music. Love Mini Hoges choice, particularly The Potato People

Gill xo

Felicity said...

I just helped my brother and SIL move into their new home.
My key role on moving day was to take care of my 3yo niece which was lots of fun. The best part being the setting up of her library in her new bedroom.

She has a large bookshelf which previously had been full of toy boxes and some of her books but upon moving we decided that it was going to be books all the way!

What fun we had finding all of her books [+ all the new ones that I'd brought for the occasion] setting them into their shelves, finding a story chair and snuggling down to read, read, read.

Long after the move was complete and the adults were enjoying something refreshing, I snuck down to her room to see her in her chair, teddy snuggled under her arm reading a book with several strewn on the floor around her.

Love that girl! Love that she loves books!

xx Felicity

PS: Thank you for the recommendations, I'm a big lover of the library and am always up for digging into a new read.