Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I know - Leo's are control freaks!

Leo the Lion maybe the King of the jungle, but he is not the King of our household!
This week I have come to know, or re know or remember one of the telltale characteristics of the Astrological Sign Leo. You know the lion. Born sometime between Mid July and Mid August, Leo's typically love to be the center of attention and love to be appreciated.

But they have an ALL MIGHTY ROAR! This I know! My eight year old son has a great roar on him. He easily loses his temper, at little things and flies into a rage. And there I was just the other day writing about how eight is one of those magical ages.

Junior is a leader, and it's only natural that he wants to take charge of the family ship, but at eight years old, he has to learn to relax, step back from trying to control everything and just be a cub. He has plenty of good years ahead of him to step out of the pride and step up as his own King.

What do you know this week? Nurture the little people is linking up with Yay for Home this week to discover the things that people know.

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Kate Sins said...

LOL, my husband is a Leo and he'll swear he's not but he's the biggest control freak EVER. To the point he has never lost anything. Ever. Well until his sunnies a few weeks ago and it's killing him!!

InkPaperPen said...

This gave me a good giggle...Junior may have a good roar but I have seen him be quite a Protector with M2 so I guess that's the lion within also!

We don't have any Leos at our place. I think I have the loudest roar. I guess goats are not known for their roars but Capricorns are supposed to be control freaks too.


shae said...

My middle is a Lea-she has a big personality and charisma for sure!