Saturday, 13 August 2011

Grateful for Sunshine

This week, I am feeling incredibly Grateful for the gorgeous winter sunshine that Margaret River has been blessed with. Being winter and in the South West, you are almost certain there is going to be a big down pour of rain. But it's been sunshine since last Friday when we began our relocation to a new Hogan Central. And the sunshine has lasted all week. Enough for us to move and clean up the old house! YAY!
I am 'Walking on Sunshine' this week and linking up with Maxabella Loves Grateful Linky.

What are you grateful for this week?

Be Happy


Maxabella said...

Katrina and the Waves! That takes me back. OMG how daggy we were in the eighties, but at least we had some spark and colour. x

Felicity said...

Ditto to Maxabella's comment.
I hope that the sun continues to sparkle and you have an easy transition.

Happy day!

xx Felicity