Friday, 9 September 2011

Things I know - time flies and busy bees

busy bees. makes time fly

It's been one of those weeks where time has felt like it's escaped me. In fact, it's been a busy fortnight with visitors all weekend, and extra work and activity for the kids. So busy, that I haven't managed to log on and post for three days. And it's not for want of trying, I've had the ideas, just not the time to post. Although, I do know, that time is just an illusion, a perception, but this week, it seems to have disappeared.

This week I know:

1. As lovely as it is having visitors, it can be disruptive to the family routine, especially for the children who get over excited and show-offy

2. Being out (mostly for work) every night this week has been tiring and made me less tolerant of the boys (especially in the morning)

3. The reality of being a busy parent, life and time can sometimes be overwhelming in a not so positive way.

4, Eight year old boys still have melt downs (even though 8 is a magic number) and tantrums, mostly over their younger siblings.

5. As much as I like spontaneity there is definitely something useful and positive about planning. So I will use this post as a SPARK to kick off my weekend of no working, and dedicate some time to thinking and planning out the month of September.

6. The bees are getting really busy!

What do you know about this week? Join Shae over at YAY for Home for the Things I Know linky. 

Be Happy


Naturally Carol said...

I used to hate it when my kids showed off in front of I realise that most kids do it! I am glad you'll have a bit more time now to organise your next moves..happy weekend to you.

InkPaperPen said...

Brilliant list, Nic. Spring and September feel like a good time for planning, it's a time of renewal and birth, isn't it?


Lee said...

Hope you get some time this weekend to breathe and plan. It's so important (especially breathe!!). I cracked myself up then. x

Melissa Jane said...

I totally agree that visitors can really put the family routine out of whack.

I have nominated you and your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. Stop over at my blog to check it out. xx

Sif said...

My dh is a big fan of the 6Ps - Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Unfortunately, he's more a fan of reciting it to others when they fail to plan ahead than to actually putting it into practice himself, LOL!