Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Author in Focus - Richard Scarry

Richard Scarry has been popular in our family for years. I adored his busy world as a child and had a fantastic giant colouring in book that I spent hours carefully colouring in between the lines. Hubby loved his stories and has fond memories of searching for Gold Bug and reading about Dingo Dog. And we all love Mr Frumble and his pickle car and the trouble he is always getting himself into.

The Cat Family, values respect, love and togetherness
A popular American author, Richard Scarry's books and illustrations have been delighting children since 1949 when his first works were published with Little Golden Books. Scarry uses animal characters like the Cat Family to reflect values such as love and respect and family togetherness throughout his stories. And it is said that he was raised in a family that adhered to these virtues providing a nurturing family atmosphere.
What more could a boy want in a book
My boys love the action and busyness of the illustrations of Richard Scarry's stories. Some of our books are Trains, Busy, Busy World (this was hubby's copy and well loved!), and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. The range of imaginative vehicles in this book is amazing! A pencil car, an alligator car, banana car, pumpkin car...you name it, there is a car made out of it! We have also enjoyed recent releases of sticker books and posters that have provided hours of entertainment and conversation.
a favourite character, Goldbug appears everywhere!
Richard Scarry created children's books for a good fifty years before he passed in 1994 at the age of 75. His illustrations and characters continue to bring much love to children everywhere. We have read many of his books and watched the animated cartoon of his Busy World, however, just when I think we've read them all, I discover another Richard Scarry treasure.

Do you have a Richard Scarry favourite?

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