Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Anthony Browne - 5 a Day Books

This week we are having a treasured author week at home. We love Anthony Browne books. From his illustrations to his tales, he is one talented children's author. Our favourite books are those that have the chimpanzee and gorilla's in them. Like the Willy stories. Willy is a Gorilla, but not your usual kind. He is a bit different. He is not great at sports and he is not Big like other Gorilla's. But he has a big heart and always tries his best. Sometimes he gets picked on by the bigger Gorilla's.

All of Anthony Brownes' stories have messages and meaning for children. Books like Silly Billy, help children to find ways of coping and combat fear. Billy is a worrier. He often worries at night when he tries to go sleep. One day he discovers Worry Dolls.  

And Through the Magic Mirror shows children how to use their imagination. Toby was bored at home. His parents were being boring, he was fed up with all of his toys. Then he looked into the hallway mirror and saw some things that changed his view.

What I love about Anthony Browne is that many of his stories are based on his own childhood experiences and imaginations. He is also the creator of the My Mum/Dad/Brother book series. We gave Junior the My Brother book when Mini Hoges was born. It helped him to gain a positive perspective on having a brother and being a big brother.

Do you have a favourite Anthony Browne book? 

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Images sourced from Walker Books and Macmillan


Lizeylou said...

Does it make me a bad mummy if I admit I dont know Anthony Browne?? I know what I will be having a look for at the library on Friday though - these look great!

Anonymous said...

Oh we have some other (earlier) Anthony Browne books, i recognise the monkeys, i just can't remember which ones?? I am terrified of monkeys so my children, knowing this, would pick his books to torture me. Now my youngest is almost 8, i think his books were donated to charity in the last clean out. Love Posie

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Ah Anthony Browne! I admit I find some of his stories slightly on the freaky side (am I alone in this? haha!) but also very very unique and interesting for children. Great theme!